Sunday, February 7, 2016

Game of Thrones meets Ever For Men, part 1

What would happen if you took those manly men from Game of Thrones and outfitted them at 

First up, we have the Queen's own personal guard, Gabrial.  (It is good to be Queen!)  Gabrial is the strong silent type, he hangs out on castle roofs protecting and defending.  Like any good Game of Thrones guard, his sword is never far from his hand, but here he is, in "I Got This" Sports jacket with a color change hud that will give you five color options for the trousers!  

Nothing will get past this guard!  Look at that steely stare!  But as the time passes and it rolls around to sunrise, perhaps he'll feel a bit less formal.  And just slip into the chinos, with the belt that Ever has so kindly provided as the free group gift! (Hurry fellows, it's free to join the group....for now!)  I'm sure the Queen sleeps soundly, knowing Gabrial is on the watch!

Remember, all the clothes at Ever For Men are transferable, so you can shop for that special man who makes you feel like a queen!  Ever For Men, The styles you've been looking for!

Oh, and for the ladies, we have a NEW corner!  Put together by our very own Summer!  Come on in and check it out!  

Come see what's NEW at Ever An' Angel, and Ever For Men!  You'll be glad you did!



Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Retirement Sale! Hurry in!

LAST CHANCE!  To buy these amazing looks from Ever An' Angel!  We are having a retirement sale, and once it ends these looks will disappear!  (the good news is, it's making room for new spring looks) All these looks are on sale for 200L but ONLY until Wednesday, February 3! 

Autumn Crush, a great wrapped dress, with matching scarf!  NOW only 200L. 

One of my favorite role play outfits.  Dream Keeper!  Sharpen your sword.  The boots are sold separately and also on sale!  

And another fashion favorite, Fall Already?  I am not ready to let this go!  It's so gorgeous!

And Symbolic!  What a gorgeous outfit, complete with boots! All for only 200L.

And for complete class, what about Cold Snap.  This gorgeous coat is a fashion classic!  And the boots!  wow!  

And for a completely European look you can't beat the 2 Button Jumper!  Here in the square of Kyiv!

And the Muse gown....oh no...retiring??  oh no!  But yes, you can scoop this gown up for 200L!

And the EFM for her look, with Irish Cable Sweater, jeans, and boots!  Each only 200L at Ever An' Angel Retirement sale.  Remember, only till Wednesday!  

For total class, there's Well Suited.  A marvelous, classic look!  again!  200L!

And who cannot use a little Finesse?  An amazing gown, retiring, and only 200L

Hurry in to the retirement sale at Ever An' Angel!  Remember, come Wednesday these amazing bargains will disappear!


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Irresistibly flirtatious

 Ever An' Angel presents new looks, new make-up, can Spring be far behind?  

First up is that amazing dress, called "First Date"!  Classy, sexy, and just a tiny bit naughty.  As you enter the restaurant, he will be smitten at first sight!  We can almost guarantee an offer of a second date, but that will be up to you!  Body hugging, to show off those curves, this dress is demure, at first look.  Then the eyes follow the trail of those buttons and the tulip hem, and the flirt is on!  Shown here in the delightful color, "Ladybug".  (Give a hug, ladybug!)

And still more newness!  Tone make-up, available exclusively at Ever An' Angel, has come out with Expressions part 2!  An amazing collection of lips and eyes and bold new eyeliners that are just on that breaking wave of coming spring!  Here I'm wearing the Smolder Eye in Terra, teamed with the bronzer in "cool", and the lip stain in Watermelon, overlayed with the lip gloss in Sangria.  I love how it leaves the mouth so natural, so soft, and fill in that last world.  

 Now, there's absolutely nothing quite so romantic as lace, and this sweet little dress has all the innocence and freshness of a country morning.  The flounced hem and sleeves are a sweep of the softest and prettiest lace.  The buttons down the back are at once demure, and subtly seductive.  The soft knit of the fabric invites a touch.  And this sweet dress from Ever An' Angel comes with matching cowboy boots!  Detailed in matching shades to each dress, your feet will want to wander, and dance in these adorable boots.  

And for all you mesh people out there, I'm wearing the Maitreya body in both pictures!  So yes, it will work for you!  I just love these "verge of spring" colors, and the utter femininity of this dress.  

I am wearing the newly released Tone makeup with this outfit, as well.  Here I'm wearing the Reflection eye in Sweetpea and the gloss on its own, in Lychee.  I am wearing the newest release from Semi-Precious, Infinity.  The simple pearl earrings and the sweet clasp of a choker in the most lustrous of pearls.  

Come in to Ever An' Angel and see what's new!  You'll be glad you did! know I love that word "and" There's a NEW corner from Kass!  This one is so cute.  

Come see!! *Mwah* 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Magical moment ...

When you're "Love Struck"

A new release by 

Ever An' Angel

 As magical as love itself is this deceptively simple gown in weighted damask silk.  The exaggerated sweetheart neckline gives way to a body hugging dropped waist silhouette.  The subtle contrast of fabrics highlights the seductive curve of your body, and the asymmetry of the over skirt accents every graceful move as you weave your magic in a dance in the moonlit woods.

Release your gypsy spirit and join in the dance, wild and breathless, or soft and demure, only your heart can call the tune. Ever An' Angel creates the gown to inspire all your fantasies.

Come, dance away the night in the fairy's circle.  Be struck by the possibility of magic, and moonlight and love.  Love Struck, by Ever An' Angel!

What is Rhaenys wearing?

Love Struck gown, by Ever An' Angel, Rose (of course)
Tone make-up: Lips - Soft Expressions, Baby: Eyes - Soft Expressions - Aubergine
Tone Mani Pedi Hud, Duos, Orchids (retired)

Jewelry - Semi-Precious:  Infinity Choker and Earrings (coming soon!)

Shoes - Paper Moon - My Lady's Slippers: Lashes - Redgrave, natural: Hair, Emo-tions, Adelina (with bangs), Circlet: Evie's Closet, Arienwen Wreath, green, Eyes: Dulce Secret, Destiny Violet Eyes: Hands and Feet by SLink: Skin: Dulce Secret, Mhysa, custom made: Body by Maitreya

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Casuals you'll want to wear ALL the time!

 Ever An' Angel releases TWO exciting new outfits! 

So beautifully put together, so perfectly designed you may never want to wear anything else!  (until there's a new gown, at least)

First up is the fabulous, "Tied and True".  This is such an "on trend" look.  The top a graceful, Irish wool, knit cape-let.  It begins with a cowl collar, detailed with two perfect buttons, and calls down in a curve flattering arc to just your waist.  Each move reveals just a tiny peek of skin.  The trouser, divinely tailored, emphasizes your waist, with a high, wide, waistband, wrapped in a sash.  The colors are subtle, understated, and elegant.  I'm wearing the classic black, but as all Ever's things, it comes in 9 colors, which makes it superbly mix and matchable!  I'll pop a couple other color choices at the end of the blog. 

For this look I went with the TONE Expressions, Bold palette.  I started with Bold Expressions lips, in Rosewood,  and for the eyes, I chose Bold Expressions eyes, Wheat. For the nails, I used the Tone Rich Colours mani & pedi hud in Mocha.  I added Ada earrings, from Semi - Precious, so simple, and so perfect.  The hair is !Ohmai, the shoes Baby Monkey, the lashes are Redgrave, natural, mesh body by Maitreya, SLink hands and feet, and the skin, custom made from Dulce Secrets. 

The NEWEST creation for Ever An' Angel is sheer delight!  It's called "Saturday Morning" and is everything you need to get you through a weekend, at home or away!  The adorable top is a lovely, soft, natural, organic hemp, with a retro print, that lies so easy against your skin.  The neckline a casual henley style, to leave adorably undone, and fill in with a favorite necklace. The 3/4 sleeves leave your hands free for all those fun Saturday activities: eating popcorn at a movie, holding hands, shopping for bracelets, delving into antiques at a salvage store, what ever your weekend throws your way!  I'm wearing it here, in "Sage" and can't wait to do up the pink one!  9 color choices!  

But here's the genius part!  The jeans come with a hud, that allows you to change to five different denim looks.  From coal black, to denim blue, "faded up to the sky".  The fit is amazing and your partner, or smiling admirers, will appreciate the view as you walk away!  *wink* AND, it's all Maitreya body friendly!  

I choose to finish the look with Tone Make up, Soft Expressions Lips, Petal, and Tone Soft Expressions eyes, in Khaki.  I used the Tone Omni Mani & Pedi hud in Wicker (retired) And added jewelry from Semi Precious: The Mae necklace and earrings in peridot (a past group gift!).  The hair is Argrace, lashes are Redgrave, SLink hands and feet, Maitreya body, and custom made skin by Dulce Secrets.  

Here's another look at both NEW outfits from Ever An' Angel!  

Come see what's NEW at Ever An' Angel!  You'll be glad you did!  

Friday, January 8, 2016

Purple Haze...(It's a start wearing PURPLE sale!)

It's the annual START WEARING PURPLE sale

at Ever An' Angel!

until January 12th (it's someone's birthday!)

Everything purple, with the exception of our newest releases, is marked to 200L  You will not want to miss out on these amazing savings!  Hurry in to Ever An' Angel and "Start Wearing Purple!"  

After 6 in Aubergine!  Great for a night out! 200L

Autumn Crush -Aubergine only 200L!

Dream Keeper!  For all your heroic exploits!  200L!
(boots sold separately) 

Fall Already? - a personal favorite!  200L

Fine spun - another favorite! 200L
Who am  I kidding?  They are ALL my favorite!

Don't forget EFM!  You get these great shirt huds, so they are changeable for ...yup...200L!
(and they are transferable!  so they make great gifts!)

Incident, in Royale! Can you imagine anything more star like? 200L

A more casual look!  Layers of Meaning - great look!  200L 

Leaf Dreams, a gorgeous sweater and jeans set!  200L

And the amazing MUSE gown, in purple, for only 200L!! 

And there are so many MORE that I just can't get them all on one page!  Don't forget!  Sale ends on January 12th  (and our newest releases are not included in the sale)

Come in and see what's new at Ever An' Angel! You'll be glad you did!  (And EFM [Ever For Men] too!)

Monday, January 4, 2016

The first group gift of 2016, No Hesitation! Stunning!

January Group Gift 


Ever An' Angel

And a new corner from Yuko!

You'll leave them breathless as you enter in this stunning gown from Ever An' Angel!  And, the best part, it's a gift!  Presenting "No Hesitation" in Onyx, this month's group gift.  This gown is all sophistication.  Imagine the weighted satin sliding, cool as water, down your curves.  As you move, each step is made memorable by the play of light over embroidered bodice and hem.  Each detail perfect.  Available in 9 other colors, but you will only get Onyx as a group gift, so join the group today, and make your entrance!

To complete this look, I choose Tone make-up, of course!  Available exclusively at Ever An' Angel.  The eyes are done with Bold Expressions Eye Shadow in Dusk, and then I added Vibrant Expressions, High Pigment Liner, in Quicksilver.  For the lips and nails I choose Tone - Fresh Faces - Lips - Sparks in Defiant!  I love the pure red, and the high shine of that lip!  I complimented the look with the Antique Pearls Elite set from Zuri Jewelry.  Hair is Azami by Argrace, and I am wearing the Maitreya mesh body with a custom skin from Dulce Secrets.  

And the tradition of wonderful "corners",  put together by the incredible CSR's of Ever An' Angel, continues into 2016 with this lovely ensemble by our very own Yuko!  You can get this entire look for the price of 200L, a wonderful bargain!

And ladies, a photography contest concerning TONE makeup is in the works.  Start putting that fresh face forward, in Tone make-up from Ever An' Angel.