Saturday, March 21, 2015

Introducing Pink

No, pink isn’t new to Ever An’ Angel… But I am.  Now I’ve discovered the blog, so first thing first.  Dress in pink then look for sheep, (cause Ever likes sheep).  I snatched up the Light Hearted heels, dress, and jeans in pink then hit the farm.  The dress will look great by itself, but the jeans are so cute.  I just had to show the way the cuffs even match the dress and shoes.  Plus, I’m a girly girl… So the pinker I can get the more fun I am going to have with it.  Well, I was able to accomplish my first goal.  After a long search there were no sheep to be found though.  Next time I’ll hit the fields.
Until next time
(Ever an' Angel CSR)

Wearing Ever An' Angel
Light Hearted Heels- pink (for Slink High)
Light Hearted Jeans- pink
Light Hearted Dress- pink
Tone- Fresh- Eyes- Impatient Glow
Tone- Fresh- Lips- Inquisitive Spark
Tone- Fresh Optional Eye Liner
Tone (Slink) M & P Hud- Fresh- Innocent

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chicago LBD part deux at Ever An' Angel

The Chicago LBD at Ever An' Angel could get you in trouble like Kass and Jenna.... 

Girls! You better watch it, that little black dress Chicago may just get you in trouble!   Jenna and I were supposed to meet up with Qamar and Quix to go out dancing....but we decided to go to this new speakeasy we heard about.

When we walked in with the our sexy black dresses, trimmed in the bright accent panels and wearing our new autumn makeup, every head turned in the club.  And oh brother, you see where we ended up.......calling the Q's to come get us.

Kass is wearing the Chicago in Razzamatazz, Tone Autumnal makeup in Night Heaven/Shine Crimson, Strappy Suede Pumps in Black

Jenna is wearing the Chicago in LSD, Tone Autumnal Makeup in Willow/Shine Rust, Strappy Suede Pumps in Black

Thank you girls!
Kass and Jenna
(Ever an' Angel CSRs)

More of the awesome color choices at Ever An' Angel!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Chicago LBD at Ever An' Angel

One night after leaving Ever An' Angel, Quix and I felt like painting the town red.We found a quiet little speakeasy and after a few drinks, got up on stage for an impromptu dance number. Gold and silver accents on the most adorable little black dress made us really shine!

Q is wearing Chicago in Chrysler, Tone Autumnal Makeup in Night Willow/Shine Rust, Rich Tones Nails in Silver and Suede Pumps in Dove.

Quix is wearing Chicago in Jazz, Tone Autumnal Makeup in Night Copper/Shine Spice, Rich Tones Nails in Midnight and Suede Pumps in Wheat.

I hope you have a blast on your shopping adventures....and don't forget to stay tuned for our next trip.

<3 Q and Quix

A few more of the 9 Colors to Choose from at Ever An' Angel


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mosaic Visions Outfit at Ever An' Angel

New at Ever An' Angel

As we sat on the train talking, I found myself staring at the incredible detailing on my sister's outfit. The sweater was emblazoned with a mosaic fleur-de-lis and the matching jeans have the same pattern on the pockets with mosaic accents on the waistband and cuffs.  As we left, I noticed the delicate buttons down the back of her top ....I just had to grab a quick shot to show you what I mean.  :)

Q was wearing Mosaic Visions in Spice, Tone Autumnal Makeup in Smoke Copper/Matte Spice, Rich Tones Nails in Nutmeg and the 2013 Highlander Ankle Boots in Spice.

<3 Quix
(CSR at Ever An' Angel)

A few more of the 9 Colors of Mosaic Visions Outfit to choose from!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Just Chillin' Outfit at Ever An' Angel

Today Quix and I were looking for something fun to do. We met up at this cute little train station and enjoyed a wonderful tour around the city.  She was absolutely stunning in a tailored top featuring a studded neckline and embroidered decal paired with form-fitting skinnies.

Quix was wearing Just Chillin' in Sekhmet, Tone Autumnal Makeup in Smoke Toasted/Matte Coffee, Rich Tones Nails in Berry and Embossed Leather Ankle Boots in Pitch.

<3 Q

Here are a few of the 9 colors available of Just Chillin' at Ever An' Angel

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Artisan Sweater & Trouser Set

This rather sensual outfit, the Artisan Sweater & Trouser Set, lets you throw caution to the brisk autumn wind.  It shouts "Fall is here and I am loving it!"

This fine ensemble has a pullover high collared turtleneck with flecks of gold  woven throughout accented with bold green buttons at the neck and textures that sing of autumn leaves with the crisp rich colors.

The pants finely fitted with sharp creased pleats in the gabardine  to accentuate a fine womanly shape.
There are nine vibrant colors including this one that is called Thicket and can be found at Ever An' Angel.

Enjoy Fall,
(CSR at Ever an' Angel)

Here are some other colors in this fabulous set! All 9 can be purchased at Ever An' Angel.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Spell Weaver Tunic & Leggin's Outfit at Ever An' Angel

Minds filled with mischief and mystical thoughts abound, we saw the Spell Weaver's Outfit; pondered for a moment, then, like two kids in a candy store, we eagerly put it on. As if by the magical thoughts in our heads, we were transported to this place. We found ourselves relaxing on a ship. The tunic is embellished with a mystical sun design. The woolen top is paired with sleeves and hem of buttery soft leather..... Oh, we cant forget the matching boots featuring a warm knit cuff and sturdy leather base.

Q is wearing the Spell Weaver's Tunic and Leggings in Oracle, Spell Weaver's Boots in Oracle, Tone Autumnal Makeup in Night Rosemary/Shine Rhubarb, and Rich Tones Nails in Mist.

Quix is wearing the Spell Weaver's Tunic and Leggings in Alchemist, Spell Weaver's Boots in Alchemist, Tone Autumnal Makeup in Day Star/Sheer Blackberry, and Rich Tones Nails in Khaki.
Stay tuned for more adventures by
Q and Quix <3
(CSRs at Ever An' Angel)

Here are some of the other 9 colors offered at Ever An' Angel.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

New for Fall! Let's Walk Hoodie & Skinnies

When I saw my sister walk into the coffee shop, I could not believe my eyes. Her outfit was so chic! The hoodie is covered in an intricate floral pattern with turned-up, blue knit cuffs, blue pockets and hood, and drawstring. The blue and brown are so striking against each other.

Q is wearing Let's Walk Hoodie and Skinnies in For Coffee with Tone Autumnal Makeup in Day Elf/Sheer Bittersweet and Rich Tones Nails in Teal.

We sat there enjoying our time together, talking about our recent shopping trip to Ever An' Angel, and all the new designs they had out for this fall. We had a blast. I can't wait to keep you posted on our next big adventure.

Q & Quix
(CSRs at Ever An' Angel)

Here are a few other colors to tempt you! Own all 9!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall is HERE!! Sunday Afternoon Outfit!

I had this amazing new outfit I was dying to show off and I was meeting my sister at the local coffee shop. When I walked in, I was stunned. She was wearing a new outfit too! It's called "Sunday Afternoon." The cozy, long-sleeved shirt looked so inviting and the pants are laced with tribal designs in a complimentary color.

Quix is wearing Sunday Afternoon in Maple with Tone Autumnal Makeup in Day Copper/Sheer Spice and Rich Tones Nails in Apple.

Where can you get your Sunday Afternoon Outfit?  Right here at Ever An' Angel! 

(CSR at Ever An' Angel)

A few colors for you to see! There are 9 total to choose from!

Friday, August 15, 2014

NEW! Ethereal Gown at Ever An' Angel

Ever An' Angel is proud to present the Ethereal gown. The top is reminiscent of medieval brocade with intricate natural patterns. The skirt flows smoothly to the floor, puddling gently behind you, and a diaphanous drape adds to the overall feel, almost bringing you back to Avalon.  Come visit us and see the 9 stunning colors to choose from!

Q & Quix
(CSRs at Ever An' Angel)

Pose by NSA is With Me

Q is wearing:
Tone Siren Eyes in Captivate
Tone Siren Lips in Tempt
Ever An' Angel Ethereal Gown in Argante
Tone Rich Colors Nail HUD in Teal
Slink Hands in Elegant
Ever An' Angel Our Colors Pumps in Caramel
Slink Feet in Mid
Argrace Koto Hair in Reds_
Belleza Skin in Chloe Tan 0
Ikon Perspective Eyes in Amber
Gaeline Mesh Lashes in Felicia

Quix is wearing:
Tone Siren Eyes in Entrap
Tone Siren Lips in Charm
Ever An' Angel Ethereal Gown in Avarona
Tone Rich Colors Nail HUD in Apple
Slink Hands in Casual
Ever An' Angel Suede Pumps in Rosewood
Slink Feet in Mid
Truth Genesis Hair in Reds
Belleza Skin in Erika Tan 0
Ikon Destiny Eyes in Silverleaf
Gaeline Mesh Lashes in Fantasia

A peak at a few more colors!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Dinner at Eight

Ever has created the most gorgeous and intricate gown reminiscent of the decadence of the Edwardian period.  Crocheted lace over silk that hugs the body to perfection in subtle tones that will drive your date wild! You can find them at here at Ever An' Angel!