Friday, November 20, 2015

Powerfully feminine - Marquise -from Ever An' Angel

A dress that celebrates the feminine


From Ever An' Angel

Presenting Marquise

Like Venus rising from the foam, this dress makes you feel the power and strength in femininity.  The shimmering  cling of the jeweled silk, to the statement of the strong contrast of bodice, and the wink of whimsy of three buttons, all come together to make a statement that celebrates the strength and softness of the feminine.  This sensual gown dares to bare the length of a leg, each step a flirtation.  But as you turn, The intricate art deco patterning that cages the curve of the back, contrasts boldly with skin and curves, but somehow still celebrates the powerful essence that is woman. 

To compliment the look I've chosen to wear the new makeup from TONE, in Bold Expressions Eyes, in Flourite, and Bold Expressions lips in Rosebud.  I added the Vibrant Expression eyeliner in Ocean.  Such gorgeous colors!  

I am wearing the color "Ocean" in the photos, but it is available in many iridescent shades, and there are exclusives for the Christmas Expo, coming up, that will benefit the American Cancer Fund.  

Come in to Ever An' Angel, and see what's new.  You'll be glad you did!

Extra Extra!  A special edition of the Incident gown is available at the Ever An' Angel store at the Zuri Mall.  This exquisite gown, in "Pearl" is perfect for all your formal occasions.  This is a red carpet look!  And, it's half price!  Hurry to the Ever An' Angel store at the Zuri mall and get yours today!  *Mwah* 

And don't forget the new shop:  Ever For Men!  It's the place you've been waiting for! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Incident! It may not have happened ...yet...

but it WILL!  

Stunning!  A nod to old Hollywood glamor, it has a vintage feel but is all about today!  

For you, from Ever An' Angel 

I love this gown.  If pours like liquid down your body in this heavy slide of silk charmeuse, frosted with the most subtle of bead work, and pooling at your feet. You rise, like Venus as the silk clings and moves, cut so expertly, alluring, sensual.  An utterly feminine wrap of the fluffiest feathers, that bounce and sway and tickle, as they draw the eye up to your lovely features.  This is a gown in which you KNOW an incident will happen.  And that secret gleam in your eyes leaves the world waiting to see it unfold.

You know you wanted it!



The rugged charm of the Aran Isles come together in this fisherman knit sweater. Quix braves the elements with her friend Drake as they wander the rocky shores.  The sweaters, jeans and boots were such a hit that Ever had to create the matching outfit for her!  Come try yours on!  You'll feel ever so cozy and perhaps a bit of the luck of the Irish will rub off on you.

Send me a picture of you and your friend in the sweaters and I'll put them on the blog!  Can't wait to see them! Send your photos to me, Rhaenys Targaryen (ash3rah) and we'll put them up!

Rugged, and masculine!  Warm and cozy!  Everyone wants one!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Let's get Silly...In our Very Silly Jammies!!

Delightful Group Gift spotted all over SL!

Oh the places Very Silly Pajamas will take you!  

I asked people to send me snapshots of themselves doing things in their Very Silly Pajamas, this month's group gift  from Ever An' Angel.  And they did!  If you send me one of YOU I promise I will add it! 

The sheep jammies take the Iron Throne! Tiffany looks regal on the most coveted of thrones, as Rhaenys gives her tips about being queen and how not to snag your jammies on the pointy bits!  

Hanging out at home  (And Kass designed the furniture! for her company, Outside the Box)

No more Kassies jumping on the bed!

Some people joust in their Jammies! Joyus takes on fellow jousters in her cozy sheep jammies!  

I'll bet you never dreamed you'd ride a dolphin in your sheep jammies!  Zee does!

Race you!  Kass and Jenna bounce happily in the cheerful sheep jammies.

Sandy and Tate Turbo enjoy a relaxing evening in, in His and Her Very Silly jammies!

And another photo of jammie fun! I hope that water is warm for Laura and Zero!

Join the fun at Ever An' Angel!  Come for the fashion, stay for the fun.  

And NOW open!   Ever For Men!  You KNOW you've been waiting for it!  !  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November group gift, and more spooky fun!

November still brings spooky fun!  

Very Silly Pajamas!  November's Group Gift!  

Ever An' Angel's November Group Gift!  Very Silly Pajamas in white!

You always get the most wonderful group gifts at Ever An' Angel, and this month is NO exception.  What better way to relax after a long Hallow's Eve than slipping into these cozy "jammies" with Ever's signature sheep!  I couldn't wait to get out of my trick or treat clothes and into these.  It's like wearing a hug!  And it, of course, has the prerequisite drop seat *wink*.  

Jenna's Corner!  Amazing, so classic! 

And Jenna has taken the classic look of a blazer and vest and paired it with jeans.  What a wonderful look!  I can imagine wearing this when I'm out for an afternoon of fun with my sweetie. We'd maybe go bowling, and then a romp through fallen leaves in the park to arrive home rosy cheeked and laughing and settle in together with some hot chocolate.  (I might slip into those sheep jammies, just to make him smile!) You can get this look, complete with makeup for only 200L!   Only at Ever An' Angel!  

And there's ONE MORE DAY for the retired items sale!  Hurry in, nothing over 100 L.  Ends November 5 at 6PM.  

Here's a ride to the sale!  Retired Items Sale

And the HUNT continues!  
Stop in the store to get the notecard that starts the hunt.  Tons of freebies over several sims!!  And when you've found all that good stuff you can tell me where it is!!  I promise to share my cocoa!  

Saturday, October 31, 2015

A second chance! (And a HUNT!)

The Return of the Ever An' Angel Retired Items sale!  

Everyone (and everything) deserves a second chance!

I love so many of these items and its so great to see them back, for a very limited time!  The sale ends November 5 @ 6PM SLT
(be sure to read to the bottom for information on the Spooky Nights Hunt) 

I would like to share a few of my favorites, and so I thought, what if I were going on a business trip, to somewhere warm? What would I take from this retired collection.  Here are just a FEW of my favorites.  

This is beach baby, in Blue Angel.  I love the easy flow of the top, the cropped leggings with the little paisley detail.  Perfect for a tropical get away!  I can easily pair this top with so many other things!  I slipped on the Gauze and Effect sandals in Haight Ashbury (perfect match and only 50L at the sale!)  This easy breezy outfit will take me through all the casual events at this conference. 

And for the business portion of the days, I packed this amazing three piece suit, called, aptly, Day into Night.  I can slip off the mohair shrug, and the very pretty blouse underneath and the pencil skirt easily takes me to evening events.  Here it is in Noir!  I love all three pieces and have used them to create so many other outfits.  And all three pieces 100L?!?  Wow!  

For more casual meetings, or for those times you're networking while sight seeing, I packed this lovely flowing dress called "Coffee = Art" in Hazelnut.  (I picked up every color of this dress, one was yummier than the next and at these prices I could splurge!) This dress is at home on the beach, at a cafe, strolling the market areas, or casual meetings over a mai tai. Feminine and flirty, without being overt!  Class!  That's the hallmark of Ever An' Angel.

And for those formal occasions?  I took along "Floating Leaves"  in Oak and Moss.  The gown is a complete favorite of mine, and I love the jewelry that comes with it!  (I've used it on several other outfits, and even used the brooch as a hair ornament) You are unforgettable in this silk gown, created of richly textured silk in gorgeous fall colors!  Such luxury for only 100 L.  

I'm confident the meetings, and the networking will be a success!  What would you pack from the gorgeous retired clothing?  Remember, you only have until November 5 to make your decision!  Catch a ride to the sale you don't want to miss! 
Ever An' Angel Retired Items sale, jewelry, makeup, clothing, shoes!  All at amazingly reduced prices.  

And, starting on the 31st, Ever An' Angel is pleased to be part of the great "Spooky Nights Hunt!" Starting on the 31st and running throughout November!  Stop in the store and get your notecard to get started!!  (notecard will be available  4PM SLT on the 31st) 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Expressions Collection - An Ever An' Angel Exclusive!

NEW Tone makeup:  Available exclusively at 

Ever An' Angel!

This weekend at Ever An Angel: BRAND NEW 
Tone Makeup -- The Expressions Collection!

Bold Expressions eyes shimmer, sparkle, and give your holiday looks that pizazz that speaks of laughter and good times. Paired with Bold Expressions Lips, the paparazzi will forget all the others.
Strike a BOLD pose.

On the flip side, is Soft Expressions, for eyes and lips (sold separately).  Be the dreamer, the poet, express your more subtle side, but still capture the attention of those around you.  Both looks are easy to layer, to express yourself even MORE individually. 

(Modeled here by the exquisite Essy Luv!)

And just when you thought "wow it couldn't get better" it does! 

 Introducing Vibrant Expressions.  

An eyeliner so bold, so vibrant that it takes any look you create and gives it that extra push into the outer galaxies.  Sold as a pack of 12 electrifying colors, layer on these daring lines and colors and all will be lost in your gaze.

I am SO in love with this new makeup.  It is absolutely perfect with all your fall and winter looks and lets the beauty that is YOU shine through.  Here's Kass at the store wearing the new makeup.  She's wearing the Soft Expressions Eye Shadow in Lichen and the Soft Expressions Lipstick in Fawn.  Wow!!

It went perfectly with this dress from the fall collection, Salem, in Harvest!

I played with the look a little and here's the results.  TONE makeup, the makeup you've always wanted!!  I know that's so true for me.

Come in and try this amazing new makeup from TONE, available Exclusively at Ever An' Angel!  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Finespun, A Fantasy of a LOOK!

A Finespun Fantasy Role Play Look!

Finespun is a remarkable gown, created for you by Ever An' Angel.  I was playing with it a bit while working (shhh, don't tell Ever!)  And put it together for this role play look.  It would work as a fantasy look for parties, this time of year, as well.  Anyway, I thought I'd share the look with you, because I thought it came out rather well.

Start with the Finespun gown, here in Grape and Water.  I love the intensity of the purple against that slate blue of the watered silk.

I added a wonderful fantasy hair that's all braids and loops, by Calico, called Melora.

To finish the look, I added a circlet by our friends over at Zuri Rayna.  This is the "Snowdrops Elite Headpiece.

Now, I needed makeup,and of course I went straight to the TONE area of the store at Ever An' Angel. I started with TONE Mixed Message #3, and added the optional gloss.  It looked good, but I thought it needed MORE.  So, I went over to the ornamental overlays, and used overlay #6, Eyes Only, and WOW.  it made the whole look come together.

The eyelashes are the "Extra Long" by Redgrave.

And on my nails, the purple from the Royals collection, also by TONE, available exclusively at Ever An' Angel.

I felt like a queen!

Come in, to Ever An' Angel, and be inspired.  The gowns, the makeup and even jewelry by Semi-Precious! We usually have the coffee on for you, and are excited to help you make your fantasies come true.