Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ever Picture Tells a Story!

Mini's first Corner!

And it's absolutely adorable!  When a CSR has been with Ever An' Angel for a while, they are invited to create "corners", amazingly fun outfits that are put together from sets in the store!  Mini (also known as Yuko, which means "friendly") has out done herself in her first corner.  Daring, yet classy, in a subtle play of color!  This look is perfect down on the wharf for crab cakes with friends, or off to a club for a night of dancing!  And the sandals add just the right touch.  

I asked Mini if she was nervous about her first corner, here's what she said:

"...oh i was nervous as hecck...i was thinking oh my god so many of the outfits were already taken but also excited and no it did not come to me ri.ght away, took me a while to think of what to put ... i knew which ones were already used and that was one reason i took forever to join the rotation - i knew most were taken or been used..."

It's a transitional time of year, and we are challenged to create new and different things, but we can't repeat!  So Mini is right, it can be quite the task!

I asked her what she liked about being a CSR:

"my favorite thing is all the different people i get to interact with along with being in a friendly/happy environment."

Well said Mini!  

And Mini tells me, that like all of us, she is looking forward to Ever An' Angel's new Fall line!

Come Check out Mini's FIRST corner, all you see for only 200L!

And speaking of pictures...

What's Wrong with this Picture?

While Ever's away the Angels will play!  And any gown you see turned upside down is on sale!  Shhhhh...don't tell Ever about it!  All Upside Down Gowns in the store (reg. 500L) are ON SALE!!! But only through Friday at 8pm slt!!! So grab the link and get yours now!

There's always fun at Ever An' Angel!

Smoochers!  Untill next time!  Rhaenys, out!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer's Almost Gone!

But there's still fun to be had... at Ever An' Angel's!

Let's start with the little things that are *so* important to completing your look.  TONE make-up and nails are just the thing! Available, exclusively, at Ever An' Angel, you will find lush color and design to add that certain flare that is only yours to any outfit. 

Like these wonderful fantasy manicure and pedicure huds from TONE.  This one is Tropical Horizons, it evokes those cool evening breezes, shifting through the palm fronds, as you lay back and sip one of those cute, paper umbrella embellished, drinks. And it's so easy, one click and both your fingers and toes are gorgeously manicured!

There's also the Fantasy Overlays that embellish your look, taking it from gorgeous to....WOW!

And what about the newest release, Mariko,  from our talented friend, Quix, designing for Semi-Precious.  This set will take you from Summer to Fall with the greatest of ease.  And there's a color change hud included to match it to all you outfits, the ones you have, and the one's you'll be getting! I'm wearing it in, of course, PINK!

And our summer retirement sale is in full swing.  Grab up these goodies before they are gone, gone, gone!  I have been snatching up every pair of shoes I can...not that I'm addicted or anything. 

As always, come visit, you'll find fun things, fun people, and great bargains, at Ever An' Angel!

Here I am happily shopping the sale for bargains!  Come join me, at Ever An' Angel!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Out on an "Evening Stroll", Feminine and Flirtatious

What can be sweeter than these Group Gifts?

from Ever An' Angel and Semi-Precious

The lingering dusk is soft, the heat of summer lingers in the stones, the brilliant sun reflected in the vivid color of the flowers, and as you move the soft breeze teases at the flow of ribbon that falls from the flower at your waist.  Ever An' Angel have managed to capture that moment in the deceptively simple lines of this sweet dress, Evening Stroll.  The dress skims your body in embroidered silk, with a subtle contrast at the wide waist that is embellished with a soft flower and a flow of ribbon that echoes your every step.  Ever An' Angel always see the beauty in each of us, and gifts it back to us in this elegantly charming gown.  

And our own Quix, our newest entrepreneur, will be offering a group gift as well, in the birthstone of August, the Mae set, in peridot.  It flatters the gown, and you in it's sweet simplicity.  The set includes a sweetly simple necklace and matching earrings.  This set will accent your summer kissed skin, and so many of your favorite outfits. 
Stop in to Ever An' Angel's now, pick up your gifts, shop the retired items sale, pick up the new corner, and chat with us.  You'll be glad you did.
Rhaenys is wearing:
Ever An' Angel, Evening Stroll, August Group Gift
Ever An' Angel, Gauze and Effect Sandals, Berkley
TONE make-up, Eye and Lip, Horizons, Curacao
TONE Omni Mani and Pedi Hud - Violet (retired)
Semi-Precious, Mae jewelry set, Peridot, August Group gift (available soon)
Hair - Analog Dog, Sassafrass
Lashes - Redgrave - 31- Extra Long

Monday, August 3, 2015

Sail away with me into a dream of Summer's End

Imagine a soft summer night, the moonlight on the quiet ripples of the water as your sailboat slides across the glassy surface.  You, dressed in a slide of silk chiffon, the hemline reflecting the tranquil scene, the fabric kissed by starlight and moonbeams.  The handkerchief top flutters as the cooling breeze kisses bare skin.  Ever, of Ever an' Angel, imagined this, and created a painting, and like ever widening ripples on that summer lake, the painting inspired a dress, the dress inspired jewelry, and all this inspiration culminates in this one tranquil moment, as your fingers trail in the starlit water, and a smile lights the depths of your eyes. 

Rhaenys strikes a pose in Summer's End

The jewelry is available separately, exclusively at Ever An' Angel, and while it matches the dress perfectly, think of all the other things you own this jewelry will compliment.  Our own Quix, CSR extraordinaire, and Jewelry Designer, launches her new line of jewelry, Semi-Precious, with the release of this magical gown, Summer's End. 

And don't forget!  There's a new GROUP GIFT!  (blog to come soon) and as things are retired, they are on SALE!  Come in to Ever An' Angel, now!  You'll be glad you did.

Rhaenys is wearing:

Ever An' Angel, Summer's End, Before Dawn
Ever An' Angel, Embossed Sandals, Bluegrass
Semi-Precious, Summer's End Jewelry set, Before Dawn
TONE make-up, Horizons, Full Face, Sicily
 Hair - little bones - Potion


Monday, July 20, 2015

The 100th Blog, time to celebrate Ever An' Angel!

100 Things to Love about Ever An' Angel

1. Customers  2. Shoes! 3. CSR's
Here are two of our amazing CSR's, Jenna and Summer, in a style challenge!  They've chosen the alluring French Garden Sundress. A perfect summer frock for High Tea or afternoon weddings!  Jenna tops it off with a hat that makes her look like she could stroll Rodeo Drive! Summer is a bit more casual, but shows off a summer tan in the soft delft blue color.  Each puts their own spin on a summer "must have" dress!

4. Colors 5. Make-up 6. Isa (cyberisabr): outfits are so charming!
7 ] SorchaKellan: perhaps i am just biased, but the make up is great as well, i don't look like a 14 y.o. who found her mother's make up case and decided to experiment 8.Cutting Edge 9.  Fashion Forward 10. Unique 11.  Angel 12. Ever 13. Fun! 12. Quix 13. Summer 14.  Jenna 15.  Kass 16. Rhaenys 17. Yuko 18. Dorrie 19. Jessa  20.  Shazzy 21. Saki 22. Maeve  23. Mini 24.

And here's Dorrie, all pretty in Pink, the dress, Simplicity

Isa (cyberisabr): i dont like pink color  but i got one pink from the store...beautifull! 25.Sienna Bellos  26.  Naar Rexen  27. Payton Heron 28.  Essy Luv  29. Carilynn Ohare 30.CindyS Tatham 31. Sneak Peeks 32. Group Gifts 33. Corners! 34. Fashion eating Crocodiles 35. Always new 36. Surprises! 37. Helpful people 38. beautiful nail polish 39. Casual wear 40. Value 41. Luce Parabola: They do stand out as much for how well made they are as well as how very pretty they are. 42. CSRs know the best places to shop (Ever an' Angel being number 1) 43. A Fun store that invites you to linger and play 44. Never boring 45.  Litz (orlitza.pobieski): can be stylish w/o being avant garde  46. Innovative! 47. Hunts and searches! 48. The best Holiday gifts 49. A Fun blog!  50. Cares about each customer 51. Great Facebook Page 52. SorchaKellan: the clothing designers use all 128 crayons in the box, not just black 53. Makes it easy to look so put together! 54. Fabulous! 55.  Attention to every detail.  56. Luce Parabola: I rarely wear makeup IRL and this makes me feel as if I had been to a professional. I love that.


Summer looks steamy in Ever An' Angel Make-up

57. Compliments! 58. Role play clothes are amazing! 59. Classy! 60. Litz (orlitza.pobieski): love the clothes, they have beautiful colours and style 61. Mix and Machability! 62. Litz (orlitza.pobieski): yes, I get compliments too; Monica Svenska: FYI: from men and women, btw! 63. innovative 64. sexy 65. timeless 66. inspired! 67 Events! 68. SALES! 69. Sheep! 70. Dancing with Jenna!  71. Gowns! Gowns! Gowns! 72. Isa (cyberisabr): the gowns, and  price:) awesome! 73. Solaris  74. exciting! 75. Ariel Goldrozen: The Colors!!! The style  76. Generous 77. Loyalty from customers and CSR's 78. fury Burns: I love the painted texture,  they have depth and add a very sophisticated aesthetic to the clothes!

Quix, ready to step out for a world premier in the gorgeous new gown, Finesse

79.Jewelry 80. Shoes that match the outfits perfectly! 81. Chic 82. Sophisticated 83. Elegant 82. Constantly evolving 83. Luxurious Fabrics 84. Dorrie Bellman: The sales are awesome! 85. photogenic! 86. feminine 87. flirtatious 88. angelic! 89. exquisite 90. playful 91. lighthearted 92. quirky 93. captivating  94.  siamesecat1: I love the fitting of the clothes... and the colours too 95. magical 96. alluring 97. charming 98.desireable 99. prestigious 100.  tantalizing!

Here is who is wearing what, for those of you that need to know those things!

SUMMER  is wearing

French Garden -Delft china
Vanity Hair - italian job
Earthstones - music of the heart
Tonemixers combo 4b
Bm Cher
[Hush}- piper
Tone mani-pedi  grape

JENNA is wearing

French Garden - Peony
Truth Hair - Bexley
*AvaWay* Black Pearl...necklace ..earrings..bracelet
Tone - Mixed Message - Eye & Lip - 15
Blossom Heels - Petal
Lara Hurley - Scarlett
Tone Omni Mani & Pedi Hud - Mauve
Floraleigh Straw Hat - Vintage Bouquet

Dorrie is wearing

Dress   Ever An' Angel Simplicity Set Tunic/Dress in Pink
Sandals  Ever An' Angel Simplicity Sandals Solid Pink
Make Up  Ever An' Angel Tone - Mixed Message - Combo 15
Hair    D!va - Ange in Black Amber
Nails   !DHS Nails - Vintage Floral

Summer in close up shot for make up is wearing

tone fresh faces combo impatient glow with opt eye liner

Quix is wearing

Ever An' Angel - Finesse Gown - Goldenrod
Tone - Fresh - Eyes - Determined (retired)
Tone - Horizons - Eyes - Figi
Tone - Mixers - Lips - 01A
Tone - M&P HUD - Fresh - Tender
Skin - Izzie's - Neva - Medium
Lashes - Redgrave - Natural
Hands - Slink - Casual
Hair - Amacci - Alva - Reds (Hair Fair Free Gift)
Eyes - IKON - Lucid Eyes - Latte

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sometimes it takes a little "Finesse" ..

Old Hollywood Glamour from Ever An' Angel

With the sensual rustle of taffeta she emerges from the heat waves of the desert, a mirage? Perhaps, it could be believed to be so, as the woman moves over the sand. The fitted sheath of a dress flares to the sway of a flared hem. The flowing line of embroidery and beading follows the curves of her body in a luxurious, but understated, sinuous line.  The strapless gown leaves shoulders bare, perfectly playing up your features, add simple shoes, and classic jewelry and emerge as the star of your own adventure.  Rhaenys wears this gown in Bourbon. Find this gown in YOUR color at Ever An' Angel.

Kass steps out in the same gown in Noir.  Descending the stairway to receive the award as best dressed.  The whisper of the heavy silk taffeta, the subtle sheen of beads and embroidery, the lights linger on this vision of beauty.  Kass keeps it elegant and classy with chandelier earrings and a simple updo.  Katherine Hepburn would approve! Once again Ever An' Angel leaves us both delighted and craving MORE!

And it's MORE you'll get, as Quix presents us with a fun and daring corner!

Tropical!  That's the only word that comes to mind when I look at Quix's new corner! She has put together the perfect summer sizzler.  Spend the day at the beach and then dance around a campfire.  You'll capture all attention in this daring and sexy combo of pieces from Ever An' Angel

Rhaenys is wearing:

Ever An' Angel - Finesse - Bourbon
TONE Fresh Faces Combo Tender Glow
TONE Fresh Optional Eye Liner
TONE Omni Mani&Pedi Hud - Buff

Shoes - Loovus Bound Heel - Almond
Jewelry - Lazuri Heritage Pearl Choker and Earrings
Hair - Argrace Azami

Kass is wearing:

Ever An' Angel - Finesse - Noire
Makeup   TONE-mixers for light to medium skin -02B combo

nails    moonlight  #4 shade
Hair - Argrace azami hair

Quix is wearing:

Ever An' Angel - Patio Cocktails - top - Papaya (retired)
Glisten Beach Trouser - Papaya (in store)
Embossed Sandals - Dill
TONE Horizons Eyes & Lips Figi


Sunday, July 12, 2015

The clothes you loved and thought you'd missed

Ever An' Angel's Retired outfit sale!  Nothing over 100L!

This sale will go on all this week, but then poof, it could disappear, like Sheep over a hill!

Sooooooooooo.....It seems our massive retired items platform sale was SO popular, word got out to many of you who either missed it or didn't finish! So we decided to bring it back!
Nothing over 100L And here's your ride to the Retired Outfit Sale
Over 100 outfits and much, much MORE!!!!  - you might even see some NEW retireds up there as we approach the Fall!

Here's Jenna in one of her favorite retired outfits!  Relaxing as the waves roll in! 

I love it too, what a great color!  What a great bargain!

Some of these items go back a long way!  Some of the mesh only came in two sizes and such.  This is an AS IS sale.

But you can find some gorgeous stuff!  Here's Quix in one of her favorite retired outfits:

Absolutely perfect for the summer.

And MY favorite?  the Sol Fete. What a sexy dress!  I grabbed it up in every color!

Oh and PS - A little bird told me there has been a price reduction in the new Tone releases @ the mainstore!  Shhhh ;)

So lace up your roller skates and get busy!
See you soon!
<3 Ever & Angel & Team!
Jenna is wearing:
Patio Picnic in Papaya
She didn't tell me the rest of it!
Quix is wearing:
Ever An' Angel - Printemps Jersey - Almond
Ever An' Angel - Non-Mesh Jeans - Milkweed
Ever An' ANgel - Embossed Leather Boots - Buff
Tone - Mixers - For Light to Med Skin - 01B Combo
Tone - Royals Mani/Pedi HUD for Slink
Jewelry - EarthStones - Celtic Claddagh Necklace and Earrings
Skin - Izzie's - Neva Skin - Medium
Lashes - Redgrave - Eyelashes - Natural
Hands - Slink - Hands - Casual
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Sherilyn - Redheads
Eyes - IKON - Eternal Eyes - Champagne

Rhaenys is Wearing:
Ever An' Angel - Sol Fete dress  Kiwi Spritzer, with included jewelry
TONE Lip Stains  Luminescent Orchid
TONE Autumnal - Day - Firefly
TONE - Omni Mani&Pedi Hud - Orchid
Shoes - Baby Monkey - Brandi Sandals
Hair - Magika - Rewind
Hands - SLink- Relaxed
Feet - SLink - High
Lashes - [Stellar] Doll Lashes 1
Skin - Glam Affair - Cleo
Eyes - IKON - Horizon Eyes v2 - Purple

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Your Fantasies just became more beautiful and a NEW CORNER!

Corners, Ornamentals and Nails...OH MY! At Ever an' Angel

This week's corner was created by our own Qamar!  Off for a day of riding, or just a stroll though the paddock?  You will look amazing in this perfect summer outfit.  Qamar combined the crisp summer top from Garden Dayz and the matching necklace with the perfectly fitted Sandpiper jeans.  She added the simplicity sandals and the newest nails, Chevron in Silver, as well as TONE make up!  You get all of it, for only 200L and look pulled together, fresh, cool and ready for summer fun! Available only for this week (Starting July 5)for 200L, that's for the entire outfit!  So head on in to Ever An' Angel's


And for your wildest fantasies!

 To enhance your fantasy look, we introduce the amazing make up overlays.  What are they?  They are jewels to enhance your makeup look.  Go from subtle, to WOW all for only 150L!  The makeup is sold separately, so you can jazz up any of your favorite makeup looks.  Go from office to enchanted woods simply by adding an overlay! 

Here Rhaenys wears Tone makeup and accents her wide eyes with Ornamental overlay 6 Eyes only.
And here she is with partial, and then total overlay.  Amazingly gorgeous!

And if that weren't enough, Ever An' Angel have also designed some detailed manicures for SLink nails.  One click and you have moonlight at the tips of fingers and toes!  All these colors on one hud for only 250L!  Will you howl with the wolves at the full moon?  Or perhaps find serenity....I know I'm going to HOWL!  There's also Deco, Chevron and Royal!  Come on in to Ever An' Angel and see them!  I know you'll want ONE, at least, but I'll bet you go for ALL! 
Qamar is wearing:
Garden Dayz Top - Aster
Garden Dayz Necklace = Aster
Sandpiper Jeans - Deep Blue Sea
Simplicity Sandals - Apricot
Tone - Mixers - 3B
Tone - Silver Chevron HUD
skin - izzie romy peach
hair Truth Bronwyn
eyes Ikon Perspective eyes scoria

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Sale! New Make-Up! and our first Styling comparison!


First up!  Ever Announces an UPSIDE DOWN Sale!

Every vendor that's upside down is 99L!  Can you find them all?  Becha can ;)  PS there are A LOT.
Sale Ends 28 June,  Sunday night at 9PM SLT <3 Ever & Angel. So, hurry in! 

NEW make- up! For every skin tone!  Mix and Match

Rhaenys is wearing TONE Mixed Message combo 2B, see how it compliments her fair skin tone?
Available exclusively at Ever An Angel!
Our first ever Styling Comparison!  Where two of us take the same outfit and style it.  Today's outfit is the gorgeous Ahimsa!
First up, Dorrie

Dorrie choose Ahimsa in "Quiet" and accessorized it masterfully (or is that mistressfully?) with sweet hair accessories, great makeup and of course the gorgeous matching shoes.  She pays tribute to the Asian influence of this dress with a pretty pink parasol, made for dancing down a cherry blossom strewn lane.

And in comparison we have Rhaenys, also in Ahimsa. 

Rhaenys went the regal route, of course.  She paired up Ahimsa in "Watchful"  with an ornate head piece from "Axix" called Sakura Dreams. The look is 3 parts exotic with 1 part demure and one part mysterious.  Who will you beguile when you style this look for yourself?

Both looks are winners!  And you can get one of the Ahimsa dresses in the Upside Down Sale, but remember, only till Sunday, at 9PM SLT. Shop now, at Ever An' Angel!

Dorrie is wearing:
Dress:  Ever an Angel - Ahimsa Quiet
Makeup:  Ever an Angel - Tone Mixed Message  Combo 15
Shoes:  Ever an Angel -  Ahimsa Heels - Quiet
Hair:  Tuty's  Maiko Updo in Dark Brown
Nails:  **SD** Gold Nails Duo
Japanese Umbrella by Arcadia Asylum
Cherry Blossom Hair Pin by Mohsin Paulino

Rhaenys is wearing:
 Dress: Ever An' Angel - Ahimsa, Watchful
Makeup: Ever An' Angel - Tone make-up - Mixed Message - Eyes: 2, Lips: 1, Optional Lip Shine
Shoes: Ever An' Angel - Ahimsa, Watchful
Hair: Analog Dog - Mimosa - Winter
Head Piece: Axix - Sakura Dreams v.2 in Silver
Nails: Ever An' Angel - TONE Omni Mani& Pedi Hud, Noir Duos

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Surf's UP!! At Ever An' Angel...

And you can ride the waves in Ever's newest creation, Glisten!

And don't forget the bridal color sale is still going!  All those soft pretty bridal colors that will look so good against summer kissed skin. 

First up, there's a whole new look at the store.  Stop by Ever An' Angel and hang out at the beach with our best friends, Maa, Baa, Wooly, Lambkins and Fred! 

Here I am with the whole family, just enjoying the day and wearing the suit and matching beach trousers.  The sheep were very envious!

I met my friend Kass there, and she was so relaxed and gorgeous, just hanging out on the beach in a chair of her own design!  (There is more news about that, later!)

The suit is a sleek cling of richly colored fabric, with an asymmetrical neckline, and high cut legs that will have you looking long and lean.  The beach trousers are perfect for sliding on after a day of sun, sand and surf and going to your favorite beach side bistro for a cool drink. 

The eye catching suit, Glisten is available in 9 colors at the store, and 3 exclusive colors at Solaris Sneak Peek!  Here's one of the sneak peek colors

But you can get it in one of 9 sizzling summer colors at Ever An' Angel's right now!  Here's my favorite, can you guess which color it will be?

Come spend a relaxing day at Ever An' Angel, and curl up with a good book!  Fred, the sheep, would approve.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Travel in Style with Ever An' Angel

Summer is time for travel, adventure and FUN!  Be sure and pack, Ever An' Angel!

Don't forget the All Things Colored "Bridal" Sale is still on!  25% off: creams, whites, blushes, champagne colors.  All of June!

I love to travel, and summer is the time to do it.  This would be the first thing I'd be sure to pack in my suitcase.  Gauze & Effect is an easy choice, two pieces that I can wear with *so* many things. The swish of the cool cotton skirt as it falls in tiers down to my ankles, and draws the eye to the cute sandals, with it's colorful border.  The fun, silk blouse, that ties, playfully, at the waist, is flirty and with just a bit of naughty.  While you're snapping photos of faraway places, a few of the tourists will be snapping pictures of you! Available in 9 artistic shades with matching sandals at Ever An' Angel!

And for those soft summer nights, out chasing fireflies, or dreams, why not slip into the sassy, retro look of Simplicity? The pop art print is reminiscent of the seventies, but the dress is all NOW.  It comes paired with matching sandals, in either plain or print, and the whole outfit lives up to its name, Simplicity.  This could also be paired with jeans or leggings.  A simply versatile piece that will become essential in your summer wardrobe.  Available in 9 uncomplicated shades, at Ever An' Angel!

Rhaenys is wearing:

Top photo:

Ever An' Angel, Gauze & Effect, Berkley
Ever An' Angel, Gauze & Effect sandals, Berkley (for SLink mid feet)
Ever An' Angel, "Coffee = Art" Mesh Dress - Hazelnut, Necklace
Ever An Angel, Boho Garden - Henna - earrings

TONE Fresh Faces 2015 Combo Tempted Glow
TONE Omni Mani & Pedi Hud, Tempted

 Hair by LeLutka - Pocahontas

Bottom Photo:

Ever An' Angel Simplicity Sandals, Solid, Almond (for SLink flat feet)
Ever An' Angel, Simplicity set Tunic Dress, Almond

Eclectica "Khepri" hoop earrings, White Silk

TONE Fresh Faces 2015 Combo Contented Glow
TONE Omni Mani & Pedi Hud, Buff

Hair by Truth - Gretchen

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

And the Bride wore... Ever An' Angel!

Imagine your look, and then find it, at Ever An' Angel!

For the imaginative bride there are many options, and "bridal" colors of while, cream, champagne and blush are all on sale until the end of June!  All 25 % off so you can afford to "play" and get a look that is uniquely yours. Here are some bridal ideas from our own CSRs at Ever An' Angel.

The Ingénue...

Summer choose the soft innocence of Sonnet. Young, fresh...
While our own, dear, Angel, chose Sonnet in this soft shade called "Fig" ...who says the bride must wear white?

Sophisticated elegance... 


 Kass is sophisticated and elegant ... As she appears all will find her  STUNNING.

Sunlight and Shadow...

Jenna choose the yin and yang of the Tiers & Lace dress...playing dark against light... 

While Dorrie lights up the scene in the same gown.  One dress, so many ways!

Making a splash...

Rhaenys runs down the beach to meet her love, carefree, and eager, in Mystic Jeans and top. She choose the gold and white option, but you can also choose it in silver, all for the same price!

Fantasy and Lore, the adventurous bride...

Saki commands the attention of all, regal and intense at the same time in Film Noir. 


Exotic, haunting, Rhaenys again slips through the shadows in  a darkly elegant version of the bride.  Who will meet her at the altar?
Style notes Get a drink and a cookie, there's LOTS of them!
Summer is wearing:
Ever An' Angel, Sonnet, Bridal
TONE makeup, available at Ever An' Angel, Mixed Message, Combo 1
Ever An' Angel, Quaint Heels, (sold with the dress), Silver
Hair by Catwaa - Selena, Jewelry bu Zuri - Antique Pearls, Evocative Flora bouquet, gossamer lavender, Earthstones wedding ring
Angel is wearing:
Ever An' Angel, Sonnet, Fig
Kass is wearing:
Ever An' Angel, Stunning, Candleglow
Hair by Argrace: Veil Melusine double tier veil, Flowers by Rebel Hope
Jenna is wearing:
Black and White Look
Ever An' Angel, Tiers & Lace Dress - Noir
Ever An' Angel, Tiers & Lace Over Tunic, Luna
Ever An' Angel, Spring! Pump, Sea Smoke
TONE Eye Tints - Watercolors - Smokey Topaz
TONE Fresh Lips - Defiant, Spark
TONE, Omni Mani & PediHud - Rich Colors - Midnight
Hair by D!va, Giz (Type B, Amber), Hannah, Necklace, Gold-Pearl, TS Bridal Bouquet, Black&White
White look
Ever An' Angel, Tiers and Lace, Luna
Ever An' Angel, Spring! Pump, Sea Smoke
TONE Faces - Exotics - Pale Lip, 7
TONE Rich Colors, Mani and Pedi Hud - Silver
D!va Hair, Giz (Type B, Amber), Hannah Necklace, Gold-Pearl: TS Bridal Bouquet, Delux, White.
Dorrie is wearing:
Ever an Angel, Tiers & Lace dress, Luna
TONE Makeup - Mixed Messages, Combo eye and lip  #15 
Hair by Diva (Averil), Shoes by Sage (Paris Slink Sandles Platinum), Face Veil by Lc (Carrie Hoop Veil Silver, Flowers by CW - Celestina's Weddings (Romantic Wedding Bouquet), Manicure & Pedicure by Sn@tch (Glitter French Tips/Pastels)
Rhaenys on the beach is wearing:
Ever An' Angel, Mystic Jeans and top, white (used the white/gold option)
Ever An' Angel, Embossed Sandals, white
TONE makeup, Mixed Message, Eye & Lip # 18
TONE  Spring '15 mani and pedi hud, Inquisitive
Ryca - armband, NS90, gold: Truth hair, Freya: {O} daisy bridesmaid bouquet, *EC* Arianwen - wreath - green
Saki is wearing :
Ever An' Angel, Film Noir -Won't Forget
TONE -Horizons Lips Sicily
TONE -Horizon   Eyes -Sicily
TONE -Horizon   Warm Blush 
Hair : D!va  Tessa Black Amber, Lashes ~Redgrave Diamond Dust,The snow queen collection lashes (gacha) ~the annex, Earthstones Celtic Claddagh Necklace blue topaz, The Annex Gacha Items
Snow Queen Crown RARE,  Pearl Choker, Diadem, Pearl Earrings: Zuri, Dove Pink Diamond Engagement Ring:Shoes : Finesmith Cinderella 
Rhaenys, black and red look:
Ever An' Angel, Opulence, Hematite
TONE Mixed Message lips # 4 and 5 together
TONE Mixed Message Eyes #1
Tone Omni Mani and Pedi Hud, The Noir Duos
Hair, Argrace - Azami, NSP Angel's Grace Floral Crown - Valentine, NSP Angel's Grace Veil, Pure Poison Black Inferno Heels, Zuri Rayna - Charlotte Elite Pearl Necklace, Zuri's Perfect red rose' Suki Cherrie Gloves black




Sunday, June 7, 2015

Secret Garden...hidden treasure


In the flurry of new releases it's easy for a shining gem to be hidden among all that treasure!  Take a second look at Secret Garden, by Ever An' Angel.

A deceptively simple column of a dress with colors that slipped from summer's garden onto the silk.  Intricately detailed, the gradations of complimentary colors are subtle and beautiful, a morning garden of delight.  But there is a bit of temptation in this garden, with a deeply plunging neckline that bares you to the waist. 

And then, when you turn, you will hear a gasp of surprise, and delight from your enthralled onlookers as they see that deep V reflected down your back, showing off satin skin against colored silk.  And should you, the siren of this saga, find a pool to slip into, how easy to slide those straps from your shoulders, and feel the silk slither down your body.  This secret garden, is wickedly enchanting.  Just for you, from Ever An' Angel. 

Rhaenys is wearing:

Top photo:

Ever An' Angel, Secret Garden gown, Snapdragon
Ever An' Angel, Lady's Everywhere Sandal, Taupe
Ever An' Angel, Garden Dayz Necklace, Herb
TONE - Fresh Faces, Comfortable, Spark (TONE makeup is available exclusively at Ever An' Angel)

Hair by Soonsiki - Shelly

Bottom photos:

Ever An' Angel, Secret Garden Gown, Rosebud
TONE - Horizons, Eye & Lips, Palau
TONE - Horizons, Clear Lip Gloss

Shoes by Baby Monkey, Kari sandals: Jewels by Lazuri, Enchanted, Red Ruby and Black Onyx: NSP Hibiscus hair piece: and Hair by Exile, City Princess

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happenings at Ever An' Angel

There's always lots going on at Ever An' Angel's!
June's Group Gift! Gorgeous and bewitching!
If you are not already a member of the fun and energetic group, this would be the time to join!  The group gift is a special version of "Tiers & Lace" in Noir.  That black silk flowing over your body and covered in a lace tunic, a bewitching blend of sexy and demure.  The feel of that gypsy hem flying round your legs. This is a dress in which to dance, and move!
And...this style is so gorgeous that it's also featured at "Some Like It Hot!" the only venue you can get 'Tiers & Lace" in Mango!  Here you see our lovely CSR, Summer, ready for a garden party in this sweet shade.  She looks cool, and elegant, with a bit of flirt!  Stunning!
And still at our Sneak Peek for Penumbra is this classic sundress, "French Garden".  Worn here by the very gorgeous and fun Jenna.  Where do you think she may be going?  Where ever it is, all eyes will be on her, and fun will follow!  Sophisticated, fresh and always stylish, Jenna shows off the crossed straps that highlight a tanned back, and the tiny, delicate buttons that define the sinuous line of your spine as you walk away.  Cool, elegant with a touch of playful!
And here is Quix, showing off this week's "Corner". She is wearing a mix from various outfits in a great pulled together summer look!  The silk top with its vivacious tie at the waist, is from the "Gauze and Effect" outfit, here in the color Baudelaire.  It's paired with the Mystic Jeans, with all their fabulous details, a slim leg-hugging jean that will get you noticed.  Add in the Ahimsa heels, in Still, and Tidal Pearl earrings and necklace, in Emptiness, and you have a look that will take you through a summer's day in style!  All for only 200L ...check out the corners at Ever An' Angel, they are a great buy!
As always, Ever An' Angel hums with activity and great style!  Come see us in Second Life, you'll be glad you did.  The CSR's (Customer Service Representatives) and all the staff at Ever's will help you with anything you need, and may even ask you to dance with them!  Come see!
Style notes on photos, from top to bottom:
Rhaenys is wearing:
  • Ever An' Angel, Tiers and Lace dress, Noir, the June Group Gift
  • TONE makeup - Mixed Messages, Eye and Lip Duo #3
  • TONE Manicure and Pedicure Hud in Mango
 Hair by Argrace (Azami), and shoes by Snowpaws

Summer is wearing:
  • Ever An' Angel, Tiers and Lace dress, Mango, available at Some Like It Hot
  • TONE makeup - Mixed Messages, Eye and Lip Duo #1
  • TONE manicure and Pedicure Hud in Midnight
Hair by Truth (Nayeli), Shoes by Baby Monkey (Peyton Sandals), Earthstones wedding band

Jenna is wearing:
  • Ever An' Angel, French Garden dress, Peony
  • Ever An' Angel, Blossom heels - Petal
  • Ever An' Angel, Tidal Pearls Earrings
  • TONE makeup - Mixed Messages, Eye and Lip Duo #15
  • TONE Omni Manicure and Pedicure Hud,  Mauve
Hair by Truth (Bexley)
Quix is wearing:
  • Ever An' Angel, Gauze and Effect Blouse, Baudelaire
  • Ever An' Angel, Mystic Jeans, Silver Rose
  • Ever An' Angel, Ahimsa Heels, Still
  • TONE makeup, Horizons, Eye and Lip Duo, Sicily
  • TONE manicure and pedicure hud, Wine Duos
  • Ever An' Angel, Tidal Pear earring and necklace, Emptiness
Hair by Argrace (Azami)

Friday, May 29, 2015

C'est si bon!

Two of the newest releases from Ever An' Angel - fresh and fabulous!

First, from the Sneak Peek show for Penumbra , Ever has fashioned this very Fench Garden inspired sun dress; reminiscent of sidewalk cafes, and lingering over café au lait with ....well....that's up to you, but who ever it is will not even notice the people on the street as you sit cool and relaxed in this chic, figure hugging creation.  Seen here in Peony, the floral print is twice banded by a complimentary solid color to accent that slim waist and draw the eye to the feminine sway of your walk.  As you pass, they will notice the crossed spaghetti straps and the row of tiny buttons down your back.  Each detail charmingly pulled together to show you at your best, this summer.  Available in an array of garden fresh prints and colors.

And secondly, with so many new things in Ever An Angel 's store, I just had to include another.  This is the exquisitely feminine "Tiers & Lace" frock.  Imagine the cool feel of silk against your skin, loose, sensual, the rustle of the fabric as you walk, and top that with the most intricate of lace, and you have the idea of this gorgeous dress.  The gypsy hem frees up your legs for dancing in the fountains of European capitals or at your friend's wedding.  The lace over-dress has a row of fabric covered buttons down the back, and the flared skirt flows and swirls with each step.  This dress would be perfect for an informal bride.  Seen here, in Pistachio, but as always, there are 8 other lovely colors with a "hot" surprise exclusive color come June 1. 

Rhaenys is wearing in the top photo:
  • Ever An' Angel , French Garden - Peony
  • Ever An' Angel, Blossom Heels - Petal
  • Ever An' Angel, Grandma's Cameo Set - Blush
  • TONE, Horizons, Eyes & Lips - Sicily
  • TONE Omni Mani and Pedi hud - Buff
Hair by Truth
In the bottom photo:
  • Ever An' Angel, Tiers & Lace - Pistachio
  • Ever An' Angel, Blossom Heels - Vine
  • TONE, Horizons, Eyes & Lips - Aruba
  • TONE, M & P Hud, Fresh, Contented
Hair by Argrace, Jewelry by Zuri